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*The User is solely responsible for the correct routing of the shipment based on the designation of "Warranty" or, "Non-warranty." Any incorrect designation or routing will subject the user to additional transportation costs that are not covered by the Parker Hannifin Corporation. Such charges will be billed directly to the user, or, the freight may be returned collect, at Parker's sole option.

Parker Aerospace Repair Location Finder is a service provided by Parker Customer Support Operations for our customers returning hardware. If you need assistance using this website, please contact Parker Aerospace at:, You can also call Parker Aerospace directly at +1 (949) 809-8200. For Aircraft on Ground (AOG) support only please contact 1-949-851-4357. Use of this service does not change or modify any of Parker Aerospace standard terms and conditions as shown in our terms of sale. This website and the information contained within it is protected by copyright. Reproduction of part or all of the website contents in any form is prohibited unless for personal use. Any product of component to be returned must be cleaned and/or purged of all hazardous liquids prior to shipment. "Dangerous goods", and "dangerous goods in apparatus", as defined in IATA (International Air Transport Association) Dangerous Goods and US DOT (Department of Transportation) Hazardous Materials must be transported according to regulations.